Wenig Funeral Homes

Mr. Wenig of Wenig Funeral Homes had definite ideas of how best to utilize his facility.  After thorough planning, we provided recommendations for cosmetic changes.  Paint colors, replacement decorative lighting, ceiling options, cabinetry, counter and flooring options.  FFH design then pulled from our many manufacturers to provide not just furniture, fabric and drapery - but also hard surface flooring and pattern carpet.  The community seems thrilled with the changes - and that's important to us.​​

Myrhum Patten Funeral Homes

This facility had been in the community for several years prior to the acquisition by Myrhum Patten.  The owners wanted to imprint the space with warmth, hospitality and a sense of history.  FFH design and the owners, researched historical photos from the local historical societies and had an outdoor photo shoot done in the surrounding county.  Using these images, we were able to give the funeral home a local feel and assisted the owners with a local connection between the residents and the owners, through the funeral home.​​


Funeral Home ​​

​Draeger-Langendorf Funeral Home had been serving their community for many years.  But the facility was old, small and not condusive to future growth.  With vision, the owners selected a better location, hired the design team (including FFH design) and started new construction.  It's been a few years since the facility was completed and Draeger-Langendorf is now the dominate facility in the area. FFH design was given the task of providing durable yet warm interiors, flexible spaces and functioning offices. We worked with Gary Langendorf and sons, from footprint concept, collaboration with contractors and architect, through to design installation and completion.  And it was a pleasure!  ​​

Pitman Funeral Home ​​

The Pitman family has a multi-generational legacy in the funeral industry.  They've been serving the community outside St. Louis since 1922.  With multiple locations, we were given the task of helping create a landmark facility.  From the commissioned bronze sculpture atop the copper cupola, to the grand exterior canopy and custom murals in the rotunda. Owners and staff enjoy serving their community in elegance.​​

Haben Funeral Home 

​​Haben Funeral Home has a wonderful reputation in the north Chicago area.  Each addition to the original footprint was added with much thought and care.  FFH design was given the task of re-working interior spaces to better complement their business.  Lighter, brighter, fresher and more inviting were key elements in our design.  ​​

Our Recent Projects

Reinbold Novak Funeral Home

Working with Mike & Heidi Reinbold has been great!  Our finished product has been a collaboration between owners and FFH design.  Working with gracious owners with discerning tastes - what fun!​​

Forbes Funeral Home 

After much planning, FFH design worked with owner to 'space lift' what was a blue & white functional palette into a warm, inviting atmosphere, full of innovative ways to showcase memorabilia, have conversations and transform a seldom used chapel, to a fully functional community room and banquet space.​​

Modell Funeral Home

​​We've thoroughly enjoyed working with this multi-generational family in the adding and remodeling of their facility.  We were tasked with increasing the size of the facility by 30% with a new community room, removing a load bearing wall between two chapels to increase their ability to seat large gatherings,
creating larger, more accommodating restrooms and warming the lobby with a dramatic Arts & Crafts fireplace.  This remodel wasn't confined to the interiors.  FFH design made exterior material selections and consulted with the project architect to make-over the exterior as well.​​

Taylor Stine Funeral Home 

What a delight!  FFH design was asked by Mr. Rick Stine, to transform this 1950's-60's slant roof one-story facility into a current, welcoming space.  We changed the structure of the interior ceiling, added columns to create a place of honor at the casket area, addressed carpet, furniture, lighting and drapery.  We also had the pleasure of removing various interior flower boxes to create a new lobby stair area.  Although we take pride in our final product, the people in this community have the real treasure, in the care and compassion of Mr. Stine and staff.  Truly good to work with them.​​

Muzyka & Son ​​Funeral Home 

A challenge and a privilege at the same time.  Muzyka & Son Funeral Home has a fine reputation in this Chicago neighborhood, serving the orthodox communities.  Their branding represented in the finishes and furnishings, needed to be formal yet comfortable and inviting. By combining comfortable fabrics with formal furniture frames and appropriate lighting - we've accomplished a look that benefits both the brand and the community.

Schinderle Funeral Home ​​

​This project was truly a delight.  The Algoma community is a friendly, supportive group as was shown by the overwhelming turnout at the open house.  A 'Lake Michigan' waterfront town with close ties to fishing and wildlife industries.  FFH design was able to repurpose selection room space into a community room, and relocating the selection room to what was storage space.  Thumbs up from the community!​​